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A trusted and highly rated local cleaning company providing a full range of services for homes, commercial facilities and holiday-lets

We Clean Your Property

Our dedicated team of trained, vetted and insured professionals provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services, across domestic and commercial properties, in Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, Strawberry Hill, Teddington, and the surrounding areas.

Home Cleaning

Experience the joy of a sparkling clean home with We Clean. Our trained and insured professionals deliver meticulous house cleaning services tailored to your needs. Relax and let us handle the dirt while you enjoy more free time and a fresh and pristine living space.

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Office Cleaning

Elevate your workplace with exceptional commercial cleaning services. Our skilled team delivers spotless results, tailored to your facility's needs. From regular cleans to janitorial services, we ensure a pristine environment that enhances productivity and leaves a lasting impression

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AirBnB Cleaning

Delight your guests with We Clean's top-notch holiday home cleaning and turnaround service. Our meticulous cleaners ensure a pristine property and professional check-in experience, leaving your guests impressed and your rental business thriving.

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Nobody Cleans Better

No one cleans better than We Clean! Experience the quality cleans and service that have earned us our five-star customer reviews and a host of referrals. Our locally-based team of trained, vetted, and insured cleaners takes pride in delivering exceptional results for both domestic and commercial spaces. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your property with our trusted and reliable service. Try us today and discover the difference!

Great Value

Get the value of your time back and a clean, decluttered and organised home or workplace that just makes you feel good to be in, to entertain in and to get full use of.   


We only recruit cleaners with years of professional cleaning experience, plus we provide comprehensive training and regular quality checks, so you get great service every time


We turn up when we're meant to and do the job you've booked to a great standard. We do that every time! Our regular clean customers love that they see the same cleaner.


We recognise that our workplace are people's homes and offices, so we make sure that we treat your space and everyone in it with respect and care. Our people are freindly 

Our 5 star Trustpilot Reviews

We make sure our customers receive a high quality service and clean every time and that's resulted in our business growing through referrals and lovely reviews like these...

Find Out How We Can Help You

We have a wealth of cleaning expertise and experience within our team, which we are happy to share with you in these helpful and practical cleaning 'how to' guides.  

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FrequentlyAsked Questions

If you are considering a cleaning service and have questions or concerns about whether it is right for your property, have a look through these questions and the answers we've given over the years. 

  • What experience do your cleaners have?
    As well as our security and background checks, including a basic DBS, our cleaners must speak fluent English and have six months experience in a cleaning role – or have taken and passed our in-house training.
  • What background-checks do you use for cleaners?
    Every cleaner you’ll meet via We Clean has passed our in-person or video interview, as well as background checks including: a proof of ID check, an address check and a basic criminal record (DBS) check. We also collect reviews and feedback from every clean to make sure our cleaners provide a great service.
  • Who are We Clean?
    We are a leading provider of cleaning services to residential, commercial and holiday letting clients. However, more than that we pride ourselves on the fact a clean environment makes people happier, is good for mental health and in work settings can increase productivity. We take the jobs, which are probably is not your favourite thing to do and ensure they are completed to a high standard and our client’s satisfaction – so they can enjoy the pride in their home, office or letting that we take in our work.
  • What should I do before my cleaner arrives?
    If it is the first time a We Clean member comes to your home, we suggest a discussion about your goals for the cleaning and what they should prioritise, so both parties have realistic expectation as to what can be achieved in the time you have booked. Feel free to set some guideline, if there are rooms or items you do not want cleaned. When your cleaner arrives give them a tour, show them where to find cleaning products and equipment.
  • What cleaning supplies do I need to provide?
    We recommend to have the following supplies at home: · Vacuum cleaner, mob and bucket · Cleaning clothes appropriate to the surfaces you want clean · Duster · Toilet cleaner and brush · Limescale remover · All-purpose cleaning spray If you wish for We Clean to provide the cleaning products and equipment please indicate this at the time of booking. They are available for a small additional charge
  • Are cleaners insured in case of damage?
    Yes, in the rare event of any damage, our cleaners are covered by a liability insurance which covered damage up to £2,000,000.
  • What is included in a general clean?
    A general clean by We Clean includes dusting, wiping and sanitising accessible surfaces, vacuuming or mopping floors, general tidying and cleaning and emptying rubbish bins. In the kitchen, we take care of washing up or loading the dishwasher, cleaning the sink, hob, and exterior of kitchen cupboards and appliances, as well as the interior of the microwave. For bathrooms, we clean the toilet, shower, bathtub, sink, cabinet exteriors, mirror, and fixtures. In the living room, we vacuum (or mop) the floors, dust and wipe surfaces. In bedrooms, we dust and wipe surfaces, empty rubbish bins, provide a general tidy up, and can make the bed with fresh linen upon request. Additionally, customers can customize their clean with extra tasks such as ironing, laundry, inside fridge or oven cleaning, interior window cleaning, and more for an additional charge.
  • Do I need to be home for the cleaning?
    We strongly recommend that you are present for the first clean, so priorities and goals can be shared and agreed. After that and once both parties are comfortable with the arrangement, some customers do provide a spare key or leave one in lock-box – but this is based on your preference.
  • How much does a regular home clean cost?
    The cost of a regular house clean depends on factors such as the size of your property and the specific cleaning needs. We offer competitive rates starting from £25 per hour for our professional cleaning services. However, to provide you with an accurate and transparent quote, we utilize our user-friendly online booking tool. By entering details about your property's size and your desired cleaning services, our tool calculates the full cost, tailored to your requirements. We believe in offering fair and personalised pricing, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Our online booking tool simplifies the process, enabling you to see the cost upfront, with no hidden fees. Rest assured, our team of experienced cleaners delivers exceptional results, making every penny spent on our services worthwhile. Take advantage of our easy booking system today to enjoy a beautifully clean home at a price that suits your needs.
  • Where do We Clean provide their cleaning services?
    We are based in Twickenham and provide domestic and commercial cleaning services to the surrounding areas of Richmond, Kew, St Margarets, Teddington, Strawberry Hill and of course Twickenham. We focus our services locally so that we can build relationships and trust with our clients and to ensure cleaning standards and customer satisfaction remains high. We have no ambition to be the biggest but every ambition of being the best. A local cleaning company like We Clean, offers a more tailored service with the personal touches that comes with a regular cleaning team, who understand your likes and dislikes and are familiar with your home and cleaning requirements.
  • How does your cleaning satisfaction guarantee work?
    Your satisfaction is our top priority! Our cleaning satisfaction guarantee means that if you're not completely happy with our service and have a genuine concern, we'll make it right – no questions asked. Our promise is simple: if any aspect of the cleaning falls short of your expectations, just give us a call within 24 hours, and we'll return to the property and reclean it for free. We take immense pride in delivering a quality cleaning service and want you to feel confident in choosing us. Our highly-trained and vetted cleaners are dedicated to providing exceptional results, but we understand that sometimes, things might not go as planned. That's why our satisfaction guarantee exists – to ensure your peace of mind and to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best possible cleaning experience for you. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our mission, and we'll go above and beyond to make sure you're thrilled with the cleaning results. So, try us today, risk-free, and experience the We Clean difference!
  • Why should I choose We Clean over other cleaning companies?
    Beyond receiving an amazing clean we believe We Clean provides clients with these additional benefits: Personalised Service: Smaller local services like ours better understand your specific needs, and tailor our cleaning approach accordingly. We aim to build a personal relationship with customers that ensurs a more customised and satisfying experience. Quick Response Times: Being based locally enables us to offer quicker response times. We can accommodate urgent requests, last-minute bookings, or unforeseen cleaning emergencies promptly and without delays. Trusted and Vetted Cleaners: We have a core team of trusted, vetted, and directly employed cleaners. This provides an added layer of security and assurance for customers, knowing that they are allowing reliable professionals into their homes. Supporting Local Business: Opting for a local cleaning service contributes to supporting the local economy and community. It helps sustain local jobs and businesses, making a positive impact on the neighborhood. Greater Accountability: Being a smaller local service, there is a higher level of accountability. Our company's reputation is tied closely to the community we serves, leading to a stronger commitment to delivering excellent service and maintaining high standards. Flexible and Personalized Pricing: As a local services we can offer more flexibility in pricing and cleaning packages. We can work with clients to find suitable solutions that fit their budgets and cleaning requirements without a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach. Easier Communication: You'll find it super easy to get in touch with us, discuss any concerns, provide feedback, or make specific requests. Overall, choosing We Clean, a smaller, local cleaning service, will mean a more personal, efficient, and satisfying cleaning experience, with a sense of community support and the peace of mind that comes from working with trusted professionals, from your area, who truly care about their clients.
  • What is the difference between a regular clean and end of tenancy clean?
    A regular clean focuses on maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of a living space through routine tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and basic surface cleaning. It ensures a comfortable and pleasant living environment on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, an end of tenancy clean is a comprehensive and detailed deep cleaning service specifically designed for properties that are changing tenants. It involves a meticulous and thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny, including areas that might have been neglected during regular cleaning routines. The goal of an end of tenancy clean is to restore the property to its optimal condition, meeting the stringent standards often required by landlords and letting agencies and ensuring a smooth transition between tenants.
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